You are here for a reason; to serve and supply others with the
bounty of knowledge and talent that you have grown to hold.
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If you are reading this right now, chances are you are slowing down the success of those you intend to serve. I know that hearing ideas is enough to make you turn heel and hike it back into your comfort zone, but stay with me for a minute…

The mastery and knowledge that you have inside yourself, known as your DNA – your Distinct Natural Ability – is what your future clients are on the hunt for. The critical problem? You have not stood with strength in your role as the Answer to their Prayer. Your future clients need you to build their abundance. You need them to build yours.
Where do you start?

After years of working in a world I didn’t love and giving away my areas of mastery for no cost, I hit a wall. I was operating at a loss for my soul, and my bank account wasn’t far from the same. I knew there was a better way to live. And, trust. I have now been to that mountain top and I have seen that promised land.

From the blood, sweat, and tears, I have created the system that will save you the complications and stress that I faced.

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After our work together, you will create money from what you know, instead of how you  spend your time. I’m talking the difference between building an empire vs. building a  practice.
We will make you visible. You will be seen, known, and respected as an authority in your  field. Your audience who wants to play in your world will finally have the knowledge of  where to pay.
We will develop a strategy unique to you to package your knowledge for multimedia  purposes. You will be making noise on the platforms of your choosing – and walk away with  the ability to expand your platform presence.

The FIERCE Factor Lab has developed a possibility for transformational monetization. For our parallelpreneurs who are taking it slow and steady to develop outstanding profit, the FIERCE Factor group sessions will lead you from scattered systems, visibility strategy, messaging, and implementation to the defined & refined path to monetization.

For the breed of woman who cannot be held back from wild success, we are unleashing the program tailor-fit for your excellence.

In addition to the FIERCE formula we have been unlocking

  • I will strategize with you through a 1-on-1, 60 minute session which will leave no stone unturned in transforming your FIERCE  formula into an abundance-creating machine.
  • You will be the centerpiece of a LIVE online implementation event catered specifically to your needs. This will be an all-out explosive  event of power, passion, and productivity.

We are limiting the number of VIP participants to ensure the electricity and dynamism stay locked in its highest power – and you are locked in your highest vibration.

FIERCE Factor:

Purpose to Paycheck
7 Volume Series that Helps You Define Your Purpose
& Align It With Your Paycheck

Module 1 — Dominate Your FIERCE

At the end of this module, you will be clear about your FIERCE Factor (what sets you apart from all others) and the solution you provide for clients that speaks to their pain point that you’ll then leverage into your program or product.

Module 2 — Formulating Your FIERCE

The step by step process to move from identifying the need to the using your gift to be the answer. This is where we begin to to design your very own FIERCE Formula (Signature System). It’s easy to get stuck figuring out how to get the thoughts out of your head and into a program or product. In this module, Nicole will walk you through the steps that will allow you to effortlessly get the thoughts out of your mind and into a structure to develop from.

Module 3 — Finding Your (Content) FLOW

You will learn a simple, 5-step process for designing the structure of your course so that it engages every type of learner and delivers the results you promise.

Whether this is your first program or you have had programs in your business for years, you will learn the important components to include in any content you create. Including each of these components is what will have your clients feel connected to you while they learn from you and will leave them wanting more from you.


Module 4 — Backstage Pass

In this module Nicole shares the seven step process that is important to both the constructing of your content while also engaging your clients. She utilizes her 8 years in the entertainment industry to walk you through what you need to:

  • Teach it
  • Sell it
  • Produce it
  • House it
  • Design it
  • Construct it
  • Launch it

Overview of What’s In The Program

Fierce Factor
15 spaces
Fierce Factor - 4 Content Rich Virtual Master Lessons
Course Work: Tools & Templates
1 – One on One Coaching Session with Nicole Roberts Jones
3 - LIVE Content Intensive Group Coaching Calls
Exclusive Online Community for ongoing support & accountability
FIERCE Factor Resource Center
LIVE Online Fierce Factor Event
BONUS: Purpose to Paycheck:
6 Volume Series that Helps You Define Your Purpose & Align It With Your Paycheck

Fall ENROLLMENT is now closed
to be notified about our next group